Created a series of social ideas for the agency during my time there. From the experiences and conversations I thought I would translate that on to the digital world and create fun and engaging content for the public.

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Invite users to the MRY world with a fun game of trivia.



Use Instagram trivia plug

for engagement with users.



Provide answer for

the user feedback.

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Work has its ups and downs but when it gets busy there is no time for many things other than work and when it comes to eating we all end up at our desk.


Some people bring really good things and we want to share that with the world. That is why we brought this series of stories "Lunch al Desko" to life, to share these delicious recipes with everyone.

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It is always great to see who the people are behind each company that makes it so great. I wanted to

create a section dedicated to them and let the world know who they are, while still fitting the brand look and feel.

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